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Enjoy a quick and easy Pulled Pork Recipe July 26 2014, 1 Comment

            Crock Pot or ‘No Smoke’ Pulled Pork with Tres Amigos


Boston Butt or Picnic, be certain it will fit into your largest Crock pot.

Tres Amigo's Rub from REAL LiFE RUBS

1-Large white onion

BBQ Sauce (Sweet Baby Rays is my favorite) 1 Bottle should get you there.


Meat Prep:

Prepare the meat the day before you plan to make the dish. Reserve some of the rub to add into the meat once cooked. You can also add some of the rub to a neutral flavored BBQ sauce if you like. Remove the butt from wrapping, dry, rub completely with the Tres Amigo's on all sides and ends. Wrap in parchment and plastic wrap and seal in aluminum foil so it doesn't leak. Refrigerate.



Take a large onion skin and slice into 1/4"+ Slices, spread the onion rings across the bottom of your Largest crock pot, place butt in crock pot skin side up, sprinkle extra rub on top. Fill crock pot with cold water to about 1/2 inch below the rim, cover and turn on high for 8 hours.


Once the meat is done, take tongs or large forks and remove the meat in chunks into a large bowl, removing bones and fat and any connective tissue as you go. Once all of the meat is out of the "broth" retain 1/4 - 1/2 cup for adding back to the meat for moisture. Shred the meat with two large forks. Sprinkle additional rub into meat mix and some broth and mix well. At this point you can serve it with or without sauce, with or without a roll. Cole slaw is always a good side for this dish, pickles too.

Courtesy of REAL LiFE RUBS


You can now purchase our products on line! May 11 2014, 0 Comments

Well it's taken almost three years of R&D (lots of eating) trial and error, and some great feedback and suggestions from our loyal "testers", we are finally at a point to bring our products to market! With the launch of our new web site www.realliferubs.com we will be offering our hand crafted, all natural, unique spice rubs, made the right way.

Please remember to post you recipes, ideas, and feedback on the rubs, thanks for cooking with us!

Announcing REAL LiFE RUBS, LLC! May 11 2014, 0 Comments

REAL LiFE RUBS, rubs the right way!, is a concept founded to communicate to real life consumers in the market; the busy professional wanting bold flavors, the over-taxed mom struggling to keep food fun and fresh, the weekend grilling warrior looking to be the best on the block with big flavors, and the aspiring chef looking for a twist to their food that separates their flavors and their futures.
REAL LiFE embraces your desire to take casual, simple spice concepts and mixes into your everyday world. Not complicated, just fun and flavorful. Add our rubs to grilled foods, bake them or smoke with them, "low and slow", pan sear with them, or just mixed them into your favorite corn bread recipe (our daughters favorite).
We aspire to provide you with hand crafted flavors that enhance your everyday meals and add a savory touch to those special occasions. REAL LiFE RUBS is a woman owned and run small business looking for your input on our service, offerings, and future flavors. Please visit www.realliferubs.com and share your stories, recipes, wine pairings and suggested flavors. You never know; your name may be on the next REAL LIFE RUBS label as your very own!
Thanks and good eating!
Susan H. Stillwell, CEO