From Brian's Desk

The back story
There is always a back story.  Ours is not terribly unusual although it is based in passion, love, friendship, and leadership.  For me, the passion started as a very young man learning to cook while camping and hiking as a Scout.  The passion for food and cooking has led to many great things in life's journey.  The best was meeting my wife Susan, my love and inspiration.  We met many years ago working together in the restaurant business.  Because of her love and passion we have Shannon, our collective inspiration and the driving force behind REAL LiFE RUBS.
We want to recognize the friendship of several outstanding people who are always willing to let us experiment on them with flavors and ideas.  First, my longtime hunting buds are among my greatest supporters.  You see, I cook for them every year at duck camp and "experiment" on them.  We are on year 25 or 26 so I think they like my food.  Paul, Mark, Fuzz, Chuck, Q, Jay, Tommy and Scottie--thank you guys very much!  Thanks to my family for their loving support and willingness to see beyond the mess in the kitchen to something greater. 
There are several leaders in life who are instrumental in REAL LiFE and I want to mention them here.  First, Mark K. (AKA Captain Coot)--you are my business hero.  You single-handedly helped envision REAL LiFE and helped me find the strength to go for it.  Next, my dad (Gordon) and his partner and wife, Carol.  I aspire to be as good a person and business person as Dad was and you are, Carol.  Your examples of  leadership are amazing.  Finally, John (Susan's Dad) was truly a great leader and taught us so much about how to inspire and lead.  We miss you both, Dad and John.
We look forward to sharing our passion, love, and friendship with you through our company, products and community!
Brian Stillwell
Chief Flavor Officer