Guinea Pig Club

Welcome to the REAL LiFE Guinea Pig club where we work together to design and test innovative spice rubs!  We have built more than a dozen different flavors that offer some classic tastes, such as Memphis, and some unique combinations, like ¡Ole Mole! which is a dry version of the classic Mexican sauce.  The world is our oyster on what we design and build.  We are looking for a select group of people to share ideas, try different rubs, and offer feedback.


Here's the deal

What's in it for you?

  • Free periodic samples of new flavors.  Be patient.  Good stuff takes time. (3oz. with free shipping)
  • Detailed descriptions of the samples and suggested uses.
  • Discounts off future orders (discount code included in sample).
  • Special offers like recipes, events, custom packages and labels for Guinea Pigs only!

What's in it for us?

  • Reliable feedback on all new samples.  (Form will be provided via email.)
  • Testimonials we can use on the website.  (Please set up an account.)
  • Honest reviews on our regular products.
  • Trusted, regular customers helping us improve our business. 

How to engage

Send us an email in the 'contact us' section with "Guinea Pigs Please" in the message along with a quick note telling us why you want to be part of the process. We are extending this to a limited number of friends.  If you are passionate about grilling, smoking or spice-full cooking send us a note--don't wait.