From Susan's Desk

REAL LiFE RUBS, rubs the right way! is a concept founded to communicate to real-life consumers in the market: busy professionals wanting bold flavors, over-taxed moms struggling to keep food fun and fresh, weekend grilling warriors looking to be the best on the block with big flavors, and aspiring chefs looking for twists to their food that separate their flavors and their futures.

REAL LiFE embraces your desire to take casual, simple spice concepts and mixes into your everyday world. Not complicated--just fun and flavorful.  Grill, bake, or smoke with our rubs.  Go "low and slow", pan sear, or just mix them into your favorite corn bread recipe (our daughter's favorite).

We aspire to provide you with hand-crafted flavors that enhance your everyday meals and add a savory touch to special occasions.  REAL LiFE RUBS is looking for your input on our service, offerings, and future spice combinations. Please visit and share your stories, recipes, wine pairings and suggested flavors. You never know--your name may be on the next REAL LIFE RUBS label as your very own creation!

Thanks and good eating!

Susan H. Stillwell, CEO