About Real Life Rubs, LLC

It all started with a passion for food and a love for our daughter. You see, we have a beautiful, intelligent, talented child, Shannon. She has many passions:  music, swimming, horses, clothing and our favorite, experimenting (cooking) in the kitchen.  This shared passion connects us on a level that is unparalleled in life.  It is so real and special that when we talked about a name for the company the first response was "Real Life Rubs".  The name stuck.  Two of our shared values are honesty and integrity.  REAL LiFE RUBS is the product of the love of food and flavor in a real way without chemicals, preservatives or nonsense.  Rubs the right way!
Company logo
The piggy comes from the very first label that was produced for REAL LiFE RUBS. Our very talented Chief Inspiration Officer (Shannon) conceived the idea and produced the label all on her own.  Many of the flavors and names have been developed in very much the same way. "The Piggy" will long be the representative for REAL LiFE RUBS.  Remember, though, we are much more than just for pork!
Mission Statement
Produce honest, high-quality, all-natural products that excite our customers and inspire them to experience new and different flavors and foods.
Vision Statement
Develop and produce real, honest, flavorful products for people who enjoy food and enable and foster an exchange of ideas, recipes, and community around the spice rubs we provide to the market.
What's in store going forward?
We have built some great spice rubs for you to use and enjoy, but that's not the end--it's the beginning of our flavor journey together. You see, we draw our ideas and energy from others.  We need you to share your experiences and ideas, passions, likes and dislikes. We aspire to continually improve upon our spice combinations with your help.
We have established a blog to use as a feedback loop for input as well as a vehicle for us to share our new ideas via a sample program.  Please visit the blog and contribute and comment on the content--it is core to our development of the REAL LiFE RUBS community.  We are also working on a loyalty program with discounts for our customers, so keep an eye out for email newsletters and flyers included with your orders!
Finally, we hope that the diverse customers who use and enjoy our products are keen to share recipes, ideas and uses for the spices. This will enable us to continue to find new and innovative ways to spice up our food and experiences.