From Shannon's Desk (CIO)

As the Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO), I head the creative department at REAL LiFE.  My hope is that our all-natural, handmade spice rubs emanate love and healthful living.  After all, the best part of good food is sharing it with outstanding people!

Real Life Living is a concept conceived in community, friendship, family, and, of course, a great love for food. We strive to create new and innovative flavors to bring more love to your life.  My dad once told me that with food I could travel the world without ever leaving my dinner table.

Whether you want experience international and out-of-the-box flavors, or stay with traditional ones, we hope you will bring us along for the ride.

Live happily,
Love fully,
Eat REALly,
Shannon Stillwell, CIO

I am constantly in search for inspiration and fresh ideas For suggestions or questions, email and ask for Shannon.